Among Us Developer Innersloth Explains Why Updates Are Taking So Long


Just load up your favorite games instantly in your web browser and enjoy the experience. With just under a month to go until release, we have our hands on the upcoming political, tactical RPG Triangle Strategy. Sporting the same gorgeous HD-2D style as Octopath Traveller and the upcoming remakes of Dragon Quest III and Live A Live, what does this brand-new title have to offer for fans of the genre? Well, I’ve played for several hours and am very happy to reveal my thoughts. This long-awaited new trailer comes as part of a live stream put on by Telltale Games today.

The game involves 4-10 players attempting to identify and eliminate the randomly selected imposters, who must kill everyone before the crewmates complete their tasks. It is similar to the games such as popular hidden role games like Mafia and Town of Salem. Among Us exploded in popularity in July and August 2020 after several popular Twitch streamers began playing it. Among Us is an extremely popular multiplayer online game that supports four to 10 players at a time. The game is set on a spaceship in outer space, and players are either assigned as Crewmates or Imposters. Crewmates are trying to complete tasks on the ship, while Imposters are trying to sabotage the ship and murder the Crewmates.

  • According to the Innersloth declaration, the Airship update will be coming on 31st March 2021.
  • Many new changes will be added to this version of the game and the techniques that it will feature.
  • It exploded in popularity on Twitch and other streaming platforms in mid-2020, fueled by the worldwide desire for socialization during the COVID-19 Pandemic, basically becoming the new Fortnite in terms of popularity.
  • One block away is a piece that is overlooked even by those familiar with the main lobby, Dean Cornwell’s History of Transportation mural in 10 Rockefeller Plaza.

Discussing some of the more important updates coming to the title like accounts and friends lists, InnerSloth has finally shared their new update coming to Among Us. Showcased at The Game Awards, the new update comes with a brand new map based on the Henry Stickmin Series. In order to actually get around this floating behemoth, players will have to utilise ladders and floating platforms.

Among Uss New Update Has Shape

Players seek out clues to who the Impostor is and try to share their evidence and conclusions this page with others in order to stay alive. In real life, a true hallmark of paranoid thinking is being suspicious of helpful people. For example, a paranoid person may assume that someone who has offered to help them actually has some kind of sinister ulterior motives. The surprise hit of 2020 has no characters, and yet, it’s proven so popular that it’s inspiring fan art.

SuperData even notes the game is “by far the most popular game ever in terms of monthly players”. Sadly the game’s under-monetization means it earns a lot less revenue than its competitors despite the $5 price tag (it’s free on mobile with mTX and in-game adds). He has been a lifelong geek who can chat with you about comics, television, video games, and even pro wrestling. He can also teach you how to play Star Trek chess, be your Mercy on Overwatch, recommend random cool music, and goes rogue in D&D.

What Took So Long For A New Map?

We added a time limit to how long Engineers can be in vents because it’s a very strong tool for information gathering if a crewmate can just sit and watch in a vent, something we didn’t think of at first. We do weekly playtests to see how things are feeling and how additional features work, as well as general bug testing. There were no gameplay elements cut from this Roles update. There’s a huge amount of content on offer in terms of quests and exploration, and it’s more than possible to play for free – especially if you play it like a mobile gacha RPG, i.e a small amount everyday.

Now, three imposters will be chosen out of 15 players in a single lobby. Some have bailed on the party game, but there are plenty still playing it on a regular basis. Roblox is a safe gaming platform for kids when parents take the recommendations from our experts seriously. Making it a rule that kids play Roblox in a shared family space where you can supervise their activity is the best way to ensure their safety. The twist is that the imposter can also participate in the meeting and appear like the others, throwing off the vote. There must be a keen eye at all times to catch any suspicious behavior.

Unfortunately, it became one of an endless list of adaptations that failed to live up to the hype and success of its source material. 30 Days of Night is based on the comic book story by Steve Niles and is three issues long. With that, the makers of the 2007 film were probably able to include everything from the pages onto the screen.

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